Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Exposure

I started writing for Demand Media Studios last month, which has been beneficial for me in several ways. I've learned how to improve my article writing, for one thing - by paring down, being more succinct and to the point. I've also lined my pockets a little bit. Being rewarded for doing something you love is truly one of the most satisfying things in life (especially when you've lived much of your life thinking this kind of reward for your efforts is impossible).

My articles have been fun to write, and have mainly been on subjects like fashion, home decorating, sewing and crafting.

Here are links to the first three articles I have written for eHow.com, which were recently published:
Ideas to Make 1950s Dresses
How to Customize Your Own Bedsheets
How to Make Your Own Side Skirts

In addition to article writing, I have been spending a lot of writing time on a chapbook I hope to have finished by August, and on submissions to contests and such.

As I always say: No rest for the wicked.

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